Sloth Finder - Ruby Weekly edition

Rich Sloth

Sloth Finder helps you encounter the most amazing Ruby articles around your favorite Ruby and Rails topics for the past decade. This tool was made because the creator, a Sloth in human form, was interested in all the best articles around his favorite weird Ruby niche, so he built a primitive search and looked for:

api, openapi, automation, rest, graphql, rpc, soap, webhook, scrap, event-driven, serializ

What followed was a wealth of articles full of knowledge, understanding of his niche, and potential for connecting to potential leads and partners. Instead of calling it a day, he decided to share the tool and some extra knowledge around it with the community.

But I have no niche.

If you are a "regular" Ruby or Ruby dev who doesn't care about anything else than vanilla, there must be things that still interest you. Here's some inspiration:

ruby 4 rails 8 sinatra hotwire phlex enumerable rbs easter egg ractors postgres sqlite deploy kamal danger on rails sidekiq solid queue beer ...

What makes it Sloth?

🦥 I go 240 metres per hour. You just sit.